Thursday, 4 November 2010

Hack a Master Padlock

Master 3 Barrel Combination Lock

Ever wanted to be able to show off to a friend that you could hack a padlock? Yeah me too. I started off making a shim as I thought I could use the piece of a coke can technique. It turns out I was trying too hard; I managed to open the lock without any tools or lock picking kit, just a bit or force and feel was required.

Set all the dials on the lock to 0 (zero).

Use your thumb to push up the hook. Hold this in place while you feel your way to the combination. Turn each of the dials, starting with the top dial slowly around. If you're applying enough force and your feel is sensitive enough, you'll notice that the dial will be significantly different when it hits a certain number.

Believe it of not, it's that easy, that is the number for dial. Seriously. Next move onto the dial down. The action is exactly the same as before. Repeat again for the last dial.

Bingo! Or 'House!', as they say in Bingo.

It is just as easy, and exactly the same method for the 4 dial combination lock. Well, when I say just as easy, I thought to begin with that same technique wouldn't work, but I'm rather stubborn and kept at it. The difference between the correct position and all the other positions of the dial are much more subtle on the 4 dial than the 3 dial.

The other (more) famous Master Combination lock hack.

You can change the number by:
  1. Unlocking the padlock
  2. Holding down the hook in the 90 degree position
  3. Setting a new number